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I AM a Penang-kia, who is tolerant, kind and courteous with inner strength. Can be naive and too impulsive at times. A compassionate soul who simply want to keep the peace. Headstrong and diligent in the workplace, honest and caring in a relationship and trustworthy with everyone I meet unless given reason not to be.

Updated to latest WordPress version

I have created an additional website to compliment my main blog website and updated to the latest WordPress version. The new website is my electronic dive log book. Continue reading

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Reading Glasses for Canon G1X

Check out the new reading glasses I got for my Canon G1X. This should help her see the small and tiny critters underwater better. I am hoping to get the lens adapter soon so that I can test these out …finish reading

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Want! Want! Buy! Buy!

I was just having a chat with Jo just now about the pace of innovation for gadgets and technology. We are being bombarded with so many new cool and wonderful gadgets in a very short period of time – we …finish reading

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