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Penang-kia, who is tolerant, kind and courteous with inner strength. Can be naive and too impulsive at times. A compassionate soul who simply want to keep the peace.Headstrong and diligent in the workplace, honest and caring in a relationship and trustworthy with everyone I meet unless given reason not to be.

Gorgeous Birthstone Ring

A gift from Mum, designed and made/produced by Hans Schindler. September’s birthstone is the Sapphire, a gorgeous deep blue colour gem stone. A gift of Sapphire represents sincerity and faithfulness. Continue reading

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My Digital Estate Recovery & Extension

Rant post about recovering of my digital estate powered by WordPress blog website after getting no help from my web hosting company. Continue reading

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:grr: I hate dealing with network solutions customer support! I have raised 2 tickets on Jan 06 and Jan 09…AND I had to post to their FB page requesting them to look into the tickets!!! If I did not post to …finish reading

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2015 Happy New Year Bloggie!

Happy New Year Bloggie! :love: I am so happy I have managed to fix you over the last day of 2014. You were broken after I tried to update you to the latest version of WordPress = 4.1 and installed the re/Captcha …finish reading

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New Home in 2016

Hi Bloggie, Yesterday, on the way back from my Sunday cycling route, I decided to check on the progress of my new home in 2016. The land has been cleared! Check out the panorama view below: Location: Desiran Tanjung, Tanjung …finish reading

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2013 Dive Anilao

Hi Bloggie, Sorry for neglecting you for so long. Anyways, this year I have managed to get some vacation time to dive Anilao, Philippines (click for the dive log!) The trip was within my budget and available time-lah. I went with the …finish reading

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Cycling Progress towards CFAL4

My cycling performance progress after restoring my heavy vintage old school road bike in May 2012. The bicycles these days are built so light and the gears – better,faster and efficient. My latest ride being the practice ride for CFAL …finish reading

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Dryzone Rover

After much research for a waterproof camera backpack, I have settled on buying the Lowepro Dryzone Rover which arrived TODAY! Why this Backpack? I find that this backpack is just the right size as a carry-on in an airplane. It …finish reading

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Canon FA-DC58C

The adapter has finally arrived. Hmmm…it has a very light plastic feel to it. I wonder whether it can support the weight of the macro lens. Yay! I will be field testing this adapter and the lens bought earlier during …finish reading

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Meet my S80 replacement…

I have finally made the move from the S series to the G series. After much deliberation … procrastination on which G model to get, G10?G11?G12? I have settled on Canon newest product. The only downside is that there's no …finish reading

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