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Additional Website…

I have managed to find a plugin called Scuba Logger, to enable me to log my dives online. With this plugin, I have created another website to “host” all my dive logs – my electronic dive log book :clap:

WHY I DID DO THAT? Partly thanks to the lack of support from my web host customer support, who refuse to give me the privileges to the SQL DB; and also my technical inquisitive geekness mode was on at that time. 😆 Since I have export privileges,  to fix my broken main blog site, I had to export and import the tables of my previous WordPress installation to the new SQL database which I have created to hold my new WordPress website. Thank goodness I am tech-savvy enough to perform the tasks. Yay!  :blehpig:

Latest WordPress Version… 

I have updated both websites to WordPress latest release – version 4.1. With this major release, I had to update my child theme to follow the latest release codex for Child Theme development. They have done away with using the @import to inherit the parent stylesheet. They now recommend to use wp_enqueue_script() in the child theme’s functions.php file instead. The new website, well, I didn’t use a child theme, instead I found a free WordPress theme called Adventurous to give it a different look to my main blog/rant site. :blehpig:

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