:grr: I hate dealing with network solutions customer support! I have raised 2 tickets on Jan 06 and Jan 09…AND I had to post to their FB page requesting them to look into the tickets!!! If I did not post to their FB page, they would not have even looked at the tickets, let alone aid me. :doh: Damn It! There’s no customer service at all!

My New Year happiness of fixing my WordPress was short-lived. After my Jan 01 post, when I tried to login to perform some maintenance on my website, I was greeted with the following damn cryptic ACCESS DENIED message:

INSERT,UPDATE command denied to user ‘1_002b9b8_3’@’’ for table ‘wp_options’]

From the error message, you can see that the problem I am facing is actually quite simple – I do not have sufficient privileges to do anything except CHECK my WordPress databases. All of a sudden, my privileges to UPDATE, INSERT, ANALYZE, REPAIR, etc. were revoked! It is a simple matter to resolve, right? Nope! Not them! Their customer service personnel responded to my cries for help with a SELL Sell SeLL mindset – THEY tried to sell me their MyTime Support package to get the support I need – on both times!

:badmood: This is so ridiculous!

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