My Digital Estate Recovery & Extension

:clap: Finally, I have recovered my piece of digital estate – it’s a Powered by WordPress website, including the emojis. I have not kept track of the plugins I have used before, so that took a while to search and for me to re-install, activate and configure. I have also created an account on and marked those plugins I liked and used as “My Favourites”. By doing so, it should help cut-down the recovery time, should I…*touch wood* corrupt my WordPress’ed website again. Whilst performing this recovery, I have also extended my piece of digital estate. In addition to this site, I have another piece? parcel? Errr…bytes? which records my scuba diving hobby.

Since CLOUD is the next techie buzz-word, which I feel is just The Internet re-branded. I have “cloud-enabled ” Is  there such a term – cloud-enabled? Hahaha! Who cares! my dive log book! I have also started to use web fonts made available by Google called Google Fonts. These web fonts are open, readable and accessible for our connected world, as everyone seems to be carrying either a smartphone or tablet or both these days. They are no longer tied to the desktop. Everyone is mobile with information at their fingertips, literally. :blehpig:

Talking about connected world…Facebook & Twitter are now the most popular social network out there, taking over the traditional blog, like what I am doing right now. :doh: I feel old, perhaps ancient. Never fear! I have also linked this blog to Facebook. I hope the plugin works – it should post to Facebook after I click publish. If anyone gave a FB Like or made a FB Comment on the Facebook platform, this plugin should pull those into this post and display below, showing my post some :love:

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About 志 明

Penang-kia, who is tolerant, kind and courteous with inner strength. Can be naive and too impulsive at times. A compassionate soul who simply want to keep the peace.Headstrong and diligent in the workplace, honest and caring in a relationship and trustworthy with everyone I meet unless given reason not to be.
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