2015 Happy New Year Bloggie!

Happy New Year Bloggie! :love: I am so happy I have managed to fix you over the last day of 2014. You were broken after I tried to update you to the latest version of WordPress = 4.1 and installed the re/Captcha plugin over the X’mas break….Sigh! My bad for not reading more before taking the plunge and thus, breaking re/captcha plugin and with that, it brought you down as well.

Boy! It took me sometime to get you back to your own self. The web-interface backup restoration tool from our web-host also took so damn long! Anyways, the plugin re/Captcha is still not playing nice with you. I had to remove it until I figure out how to make it play nice with you, Bloggie.

2014 has been a trying year for everyone, especially the aviation space in this region…if not the WORLD. Hopefully we will come out stronger to ride through 2015 and beyond. I pray 2015 will be a better, if not the best or bestest year for us….Now, let me go do more reading on the new features of 4.1, plugins, and theme-ing before I break you further in the new year! OH…I must remember to renew your leased home later this month too…if I don’t, I will loose you forever….my little Internet web estate.

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Penang-kia, who is tolerant, kind and courteous with inner strength. Can be naive and too impulsive at times. A compassionate soul who simply want to keep the peace.Headstrong and diligent in the workplace, honest and caring in a relationship and trustworthy with everyone I meet unless given reason not to be.
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