Want! Want! Buy! Buy!

I was just having a chat with Jo just now about the pace of innovation for gadgets and technology. We are being bombarded with so many new cool and wonderful gadgets in a very short period of time – we have the 3D-this-and-that, lah. LED TV-lah, OLED-lah, Playstation Move-lah Kinect-lah, iphone 4, iPAD-lah, Samsung Galaxy Tab-lah, HP Tablet-lah. So dizzy! Then it occurred to me if you look at the calendar year:

2010 – see got WANT!

2011 is going to be the buy buy buy year because see got 11 = want want, everything also want.

2012 – not so much already, cause it is 12 = Want too. The drive to buy slowly depleting.

2013 – lagi worst. Want tree! Eco-friendly thinking liao-lah.

2014 – wat for? Hahaha…

There you go…that justify my 2011 as the year of buy buy buy and burn a big hole in the finances. So, don't say I didn't want…err… warn you. 🙂

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