Knowledge Quest

Dear Bloggie,

Ahhhh…holidays! It is the Raya Holydays, bloggie. Just perfect for me to continue on my quest for knowledge. I have created a tinker page (see new menu item at the menu bar?)  to hold my experiments…unless I mess around with the file called functions.php or any file ending with php, which if any my tinkering goes wrong, I will crash the entire site by spewing out cryptic codes…not even a nice 404. Oh Well! That's the price to pay for tinkering.

Let's see, I have finally figured out how to get the yoxview jquery script working, but not as I have intended. I have yet to figure out how to actually load it using wp_enqueue_script() so that I don't have to bother remembering loading it via <script> tags.

On a side note, I have also updated my aifontriji with the latest firmware iOS4.1. Hopefully this will fix the sluggish performance and the need to reboot once, twice, sometimes 3x a day! Oh yah, and also JB dev peeps, please release the ability for me to do so soon. I need the ability to change my SMS alert tone! 🙂

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