MIDE 2010

Woo Hoo! The Malaysian International Dive Expo is at the end of this month, July 30 – Aug 1 2010 at the PWTC in KL. I have attended this expo once…Exciting! It is like the PC Fair, only this time it is about anything and everything about Scuba Diving. It is also the time for meet & greet community-like feeling. The last time I was there, I've subscribed to the Asian Diver magazine and was qualified for the lucky draw at the end of the expo. Damn! If I knew I was going to be so lucky, I would have stayed back to claim the prize…which was an expensive watch. Kanasai! I didn't stay back, oh well, hopefully this year, my lucky star will shine brightly too.

The last trip, I bought myself a tray and arm for my underwater photography. This trip I'm going to check out the strobes! Inon D2000 or Sea & Sea YS-110α(Black). I am leaning towards the Sea & Sea YS-110A strobe which you see here.

Sea & Sea YS110-a Strobe  Specifications:
  [Guide Number (ISO 100/m) (land)] 22
  [Beam Angle] 105°x 105° (with diffuser)
  [Batteries] 4xAA A: 6V Ni-MH: 4.8V
  [Number of Flashes*1] A: 230 Ni-MH: 330
  [Recycle time (full)*2] A: 2.5 sec. Ni-MH: 1.9 sec.
  [Color temperature] 5400K
  [Color temperature w/diffuser] 5100K
  [Depth rating] 60m / 200ft
  [Weight] 700g / 24.5oz
  [Underwater weight] -10g / -0.4oz

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